KYRF: Our approach to projects

KYRF Architecture is a young practice based in Norwich, between us we have a breadth of experience working on architectural projects across East Anglia and further afield because we choose to travel to where the exciting work and buildings are.

KYRF works side by side with the client in a way that can be described as “stripped of badges”, building consensus in a shared spirit of open dialogue. The recognition that all those around the table can and should contribute to solving the problem is central to the success of the project.

You can be assured that we will be fully committed to delivering your project with all of our skill and dedication.

Before we put pen to paper we do our homework!
Understanding and clearly communicating the project constraints at an early stage helps manage the risk associated with any given project. Project constraints can include financial/funding, time, environmental, planning, heritage, flood, health and safety, ecological and spatial. Whilst these can seem like unnecessary and inconvenient factors, to an experienced designer the constraints are the solid ground against which we can locate and develop the project. Part of our role, as architects, is to ensure the right skills and information are available to manage risk in an appropriate way and the information is available to the client to make informed decisions.

All our work involves observation, recording, interpretation, and investigation of the physical characteristics of buildings and context. Simply a process of calmly exploring through drawing and modelling what we encounter is an essential part of a process of observation and feeling our way towards understanding.
At KYRF, our focus is on the physical, material realization of a place and the work of architecture – this is what defines space, light and feel, as well as the environment in which the cultural finds its place in a context.

Many of the projects we have delivered are about resolving a particular issue for a client – whether this is a requirement for a particular new building, adaptation of existing buildings in a live environment or essential repair and maintenance.

We expect to draw upon your knowledge and experience and apply our creativity to just such problems, mindful that excellent new design has to complement the character of the existing site.

We have a breadth of experience of the upgrading, repair and maintenance challenges faced by old buildings. Our approach is to ensure that every problem is treated in a unique and fresh way. Even if the basic techniques of adaptation and repair are the same, the client’s requirements for the way a project has to be delivered will differ. We offer full consideration to environmental sustainability, attention to ensuring accessibility needs and delivering sensitive and appropriate alterations and interventions.

Delivering long-term sustainability requires vision, practical application, and experience. KYRF Architecture can offer this. Our work in the built environment is underpinned by our own environmental, sustainable, and quality, values. At the heart of the project is an understanding of your needs.
KYRF would work with you to find solutions that fit your particular specifications and general aspirations.
We believe that all buildings should:

  • have low emissions, low energy, low pollution and be economical to run,
  • be friendly for local flora and fauna, in keeping with the local environment,
  • be comfortable, fresh, bright and easy to understand,
  • be straightforward to maintain, flexible in day-to-day use and adaptable in the medium and long term,
  • be accessible for all,
  • make it easy for the occupants to be in control and touch the earth lightly.

Whatever your motivations for wanting a sustainable project be they cost, saving the planet or bragging rights. The outcome is the same and is better than the alternative!
Considering sustainability involves long-term thinking and whilst none of us knows what the future holds its good to know that we have contributed to reducing the impact of development upon the environment.

Over the last few years getting accessibility, right has become a essential part of every project. With carful thought and a measured approach, this can bring benefits not just to those in need of improved facilities but also for users that are more able. An example might be including the plumbing for a down stairs shower for a client when doing renovation work so that if it were even needed major additional work to the building would not be required to adapt the building.

As architects, we can guide you on potential costings for a project. at the early feasibility stages. Then dependent upon the scope and scale of the works advice if you require a quantity surveyor to act as “truth teller” and give an outside view of the likely costs associated with the projects, this can be practically important if external funders are involved. They have considerable experience, and thus a library, of general fabric and structural repair techniques, new build, and associated infrastructure. Where similar rates and prices cannot be used a time, plant and material assessment is made and applied to the estimated quantities and/or an elemental approach is taken to the pricing. In short, they don’t guess costs – they are evidenced.