Cambridge Museum of Technology

Museum of Technology
Client: Trustees of the Museum of Technology
Location: Cambridge

From time to time Pro bono work can help an organisation get to the stage where they have the confidence to fund raise or engage professionals on a fee earning basis. This work is often rewarding and enjoyable.
The Museum of Technology in Cambridge is a wonderful set of Victorian buildings and were the old sewerage pumping work for the city. Dry waste was burn in the furnaces to drive the turbines that pumped the wet waste out of the city!
The site was falling into disrepair and in order to access funding and open it up to the public the trustees asked us to look at issues and opportunities on the site, including disabled access and a revenue generating café.
Site analysis and understanding of constraints is all part of the work and Architect undertakes. to allow clients to make well informed decisions about how to get best value and public good from their own and public funds.