Rammed Earth Fabric Formwork Wall 2 UEL

1:1 Construction Workshops

Over 10 years  I ran construction workshops with organisations in the UK and abroad.

These short but intense exercises are enjoyable to bring out peoples character and ingenuity.

They give both myself and the student the opportunity to engage 1:1 with material and processes and benefit both in terms of the agency of action and through continuing development of understanding the connection between the drawn and the constructed. The collaboration with industry specialist contributed to knowledge transfer and in some cases has pushed the possibilities of materials and technologies. This thread has continued through my teaching work at Cambridge University.

Research Workshops

2013 Hot Lime Bricks, 5-day post-graduate, UEL with Agenda 21

2013 V&A Museum of Childhood, Willow Exhibition CentrePiece

2012 First Avenue Community Garden, 2-day with Local Volunteers

2012 Willow Dome,  4-day, RSPB Enabling Workshop

2012 Eco-build,  (UEL) 5 day First-year Found Object Machines

2005 Hemp Lime Climbing Form-work, 5-day post, graduate, UEL

2011 Timbrel Vaulting Workshop 10 day post-graduate, UEL

2004 Fabric Formwork and Rammed Earth, 5-day post-graduate, UEL

2004 Fabric Form-work and Stabilised Earth, University of Forestry, Sofia

2003         Fabric Form-work, 5-day post-graduate construction workshop. Material Matters Conference, UEL