Thorn Farm, Worcestershire

Project Data

Practice: Scott Wilson Cambridge novated to CAR Ltd
Lead Designer/Contract Administrator: Jim Ross
Structural Engineer:  Phil Cooper
CAD Technition: Sam Hatch
Services Engineer: Thames Renewable
Specification Consultant: Brian Murphy
Land Survey: Husts Land Surveys, GEA Soil Engineers
Archaeology Services: Napthan Archaeology
Tax Consultant: David Brown
Contract: JCT ICD 05
Procurement: Negotiated Tender
Contractor : Prosser Brothers
Contract Value: £1.8m
RIBA Stages:  2-7 (B-L)

Project description:

Now a family home, Margery Thorn Farm is a 1650s Grade 2 Listed, timber frame house and Stone Barn set in 7 acres of pasture. The building was abandoned and exposed to the elements for 25 years. The site had no electricity water or telephone.

The brief was to preserve the historic fabric of the building and design additional accommodation to provide our client with an energy-efficient and comfortable family home. The Listed building was repaired and insulated with naturally breathable materials and finished in lime, we found and restored a brick bread oven during construction.

The project was the first opportunity I had to work on a full NBS, I engaged the help of Brian Murphy of GreenSpec to write the NBS with me. The project had complex services components. With its own sewerage plant and stormwater attenuation system integrated with the landscape, including a Ha Ha and natural swimming pond. The proposal included a ground source heat pump, a biomass boiler, and solar thermal, and buildings ventilated with a mechanical heat recovery unit.

Working with a family to taylor there home to their particular needs and way of life, whatever the scale of the project, is often a challenge and always a privilege.

Thanks to Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd for the use of the images and informtion.